Dean's Circle

Dean's Circle
The Dean’s Circle Committee was formed under Dean Sam Thompson and has endured as a body of the most passionate and loyal volunteers of the School of Law. Their efforts make possible funding for the school’s many needs and supports the Dean’s vision. We honor the inaugural committee members whose names appear below  (*deceased):
  • Roy Black, JD ’70
  • Sue M. Cobb, JD ’78
  • Albert N. Cohen, JD ’53*
  • Ira M. Elegant, JD ’66
  • Martin Fine, JD ’49*
  • Larry Hoffman, JD ’54
  • Laurel Myerson Isicoff, JD ’72
  • Thomas R McGuigan, JD ’74
  • Richard C. Milstein, JD ’74
  • Steven Mishan, JD ’72
  • Edward A. Moss, JD ’61*
  • Rene V. Murai
  • Robert Paul*
  • Jack Samuel Ring, JD ’57*
  • Joseph H. Serota, JD ’78
  • Edward R. Shohat, JD ’77
  • Irving Waltman, JD ’52*

Through their moral and financial support, Dean’s Circle members ensure the health of the annual fund, the scholarship funds and programmatic activities at the law school. They make it possible for the School of Law, its students, and faculty to pursue excellence while creating positive, lasting impact locally and around the world.

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