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Dean's Circle

Dean's Circle Seal

The Dean’s Circle Committee was formed under Dean Sam Thompson and has endured as a body of the most passionate and loyal volunteers of the School of Law. Their efforts make possible funding for the school’s many needs and supports the Dean’s vision.

Membership in the Dean's Circle is open to supporters who make a minimum annual gift of $1,000 during the University of Miami's fiscal year (June 1 - May 31).

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Members receive complimentary invitations to Dean's Circle and School of Law events and activities bringing them closer in touch with the Dean, faculty, and special guests.

Dean's Circle membership may entitle you to recognition as a member of the James W. McLamore Society at the University of Miami. 



  • Philanthropist ($25,000 or more)
  • Benefactors ($10,000 to $24,999)
  • Partners ($5,000 to $9,999)
  • Friends ($2,500 to $4,999)
  • Associates ($1,000 to $2,499)


Judiciary, Public & Non-Profit Sectors

Members of the judiciary and those working in the public and non-profit sectors may join for a minimum gift of $500.

Young Alumni

Alumni who have graduated within the last 10 years qualify for membership in the Dean's Circle Young Alumni Leadership level.

  • Partners (graduates from five years to ten years out) $500 to $999
  • Associates (graduates of the past five years) $100 to $499


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Heritage Society

Heritage society crest

The Heritage Society honors individuals who have provided a testamentary or planned gift to the University of Miami School of Law.

Members receive the following benefits:

  • Heritage Society certificate
  • Heritage Society historic ibis pin
  • Recognition in the UM honor roll (with permission)
  • An invitation to our donor recognition luncheon held every other spring
  • Invitations to other University events

To confirm your planned gift, please provide a copy of the appropriate pages or sections of a will, trust, or other estate planning document or please sign our Statement of Support, a non-binding letter confirming your intent to make a planned gift to UM. Once we have confirmation of your planned gift, you'll be welcomed into the Heritage Society.

If you have not notified us of your plans, we encourage you to contact the Office of Estate and Gift Planning so that your intentions are acknowledged and we can thank you and recognize your generosity and commitment to the University of Miami School of Law.

We gratefully acknowledge those Alumni and Friends who have included the School of Law in their estate planning.

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  • Heritage Society Members


    Georgina and Francisco R. Angones, JD '76

    Emerson L. Allsworth, JD '52

    Sarah Nesbitt Artecona, Esq.

    Hilarie Bass, JD ‘81

    Eugene G. Beckham, JD '82

    Raymond F. Benkoczy, JD '89

    Joan A. Berk, JD '69

    Honorable Miette K. Burnstein, JD ‘61

    Renee and Francis Citera, JD ‘83

    Robert B. Cole*

    Nicholas A. Crane, JD '53

    The Honorable A. Jay Cristol, JD '59

    Reba Engler Daner*

    Thomas B. DeWolf, JD '53

    Ira M. Elegant, BBA '63, JD '66

    Marcia and Aaron Foosaner, JD ‘52

    Rob Walker Freer, JD '74

    Donn C. Fullenweider

    Charles K. George, JD '54

    Barton S. Goldberg, JD '57

    Edward I. Golden, JD '77

    Gary W. Gomoll, LLME '81*

    Cynthia Beamish, Esq. and Michael F. Guilford, JD ‘85

    Marie B. Harms*

    Lydia and Burton Harrison, JD '52

    Rolf Hastings, JD '50

    Ralph Hauser, JD ‘51*

    Larry J. Hoffman, JD '54

    Cami G. Hofstadter, Ph.D., MCL '71

    Honorable Murray Z. Klein, JD '52 *

    Eleanora and Burton Landy, JD '52

    Diana and George N. Leader, JD '51

    Peter D. Lederer, Esq.

    Sondra R. Linden, JD ‘62

    John Franklin Lisk, JD '77

    Marvin S. Maltzman, JD '61

    Ray E. Marchman, Jr., JD '61


    M. Minnette Massey, JD '51

    H. Jack Miller, JD '51

    Milton Miller, JD '55

    Patrick H. Neale, JD '78

    David Noble, JD '01

    Valerie Odell, Esq.

    Kathleen O’Donnell, JD ‘77

    Claude Olds*

    Kyle Paige, JD ‘89

    Honorable Peter Palermo, JD ‘50

    Sheldon Bruce Palley, JD '57

    Linda and Patrick A. Podsaid, JD '63

    Ronald B. Ravikoff, JD '77

    Robert A. Robbins, JD '74

    Lawrence B. Rodgers, JD '67

    Professor Keith S. Rosenn

    Charles L. Ruffner, JD '64

    Irving Rutkin, DDS*

    Bertley Sager, JD '49*

    Barbara and Herbert E. Saks, JD '56

    Richard M. Sepler, JD '56

    Marilyn and Ronald Shapo, JD ‘66

    Edward R. Shohat, AB '69, JD '72

    Lawrence M. Shoot, JD '68

    H. Allan Shore, JD '71

    Sheryl and Bernard Siegel, JD ‘75

    Laurie S. Silvers, JD '77 and Mitchell Rubinstein

    H.T. Smith, JD ‘ 73

    Matthew Joseph Soltysiak, JD '54 *

    Bernard Dane Stein, JD '71

    Ms. Teresa J. Verges

    Edward J. Waldron, Sr., JD ‘69

    Adele T. Weaver, JD '60 *

    Marvin I. Wiener, JD '57

    Jeanne M. Wigder, JD '81

    Edward A. Willinger, JD ‘53*

    Richard A. Wolfe, JD '92

    Burton Young, JD '50

    Robert E. Ziegler, JD '53

     * Deceased